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Performance limitation
2003-09-08 13:49:09 [ FULL ]

are there any known reasons for the limitation of 300 requests/sec ? We 
tested pound with some stress tests and found the limitation of 300 
requests/sec confirmed. 

Under 300 requests/sec we experienced no problems with the current version 
of pound (http and https). You did a very good job!

Kind regards,

Frank Neumeier

Re: Performance limitation
Robert Segall <roseg(at)apsis.ch>
2003-09-08 13:56:43 [ FULL ]
On Monday 08 September 2003 13:49, you wrote:[...]

We are not aware of any 300reqs/second limit - in fact we have reports of 
over 800 reqs/second (over 350 sustained)! This was achieved in HTTPS mode 
with hardware acceleration on a 4 CPU machine.

Thanks for the kind words.

I would suggest you look at your back-end servers and network. If the servers 
and/or network are not quite as fast as they should be you may be running 
into the threads limit (most distribution come by default with a 1K active 
threads limit).

A second problem you may see is a limit of CPU power: especially if you run 
HTTPS on a single-CPU machine you may not have enough processing power for 
all you need to do.

Please remember that Pound is very sensitive to the threads implementation, 
which in turn is very dependent on the underlying OS. Some more details (what 
OS, what libraries) would be helpful. Also: how did you determine the 300 
reqs/sec limit? Did Pound choke on something (if yes - please log messages). 
If not - what exactly happened?[...]