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pound and Zope 2.7
Sascha Gresk <Sascha.Gresk(at)Opensource-Consult.De>
2003-10-03 16:47:16 [ FULL ]

I have been trying to use pound with Zope 2.7a1
without success. Can anybody provide a pointer
for me how to get going ?

The major problem of course is to convince Zope to rewrite the
URLs in return pages.



Re: pound and Zope 2.7
Robert Segall <roseg(at)apsis.ch>
2003-10-03 18:43:24 [ FULL ]
On Friday 03 October 2003 16:47, Sascha Gresk wrote:[...]

A bit more detailed description would be helpful. We use it with 2.6.x 
without any problems at all. I'm not sure what changed in 2.7.x, but in 2.6.x 
the URLs are correctly generated, based on the Host value + path.[...]

Re: pound and Zope 2.7
Sascha Gresk <Sascha.Gresk(at)Opensource-Consult.De>
2003-10-03 19:31:54 [ FULL ]

I used to have it working with a VHM and 2.5.x

Got it working now with 2.7b2 and a  'SiteRoot' object .

In the SiteRoot Object it was possible to set the
'base' to https://mydomain.com

So its works with those two entries in zope.conf :


   address 443

and this in pound.cfg :

UrlGroup ".*"

I am quite sure this cannot be done with a VHM as
well, because a VHM takes the form


a look into the source (VirtualHostMonster.py )showed:

      44             try:
      45                 # Drop the protocol, if any
      46                 line = line.split('://')[-1]
      47                 try:
      48                     host, path = [x.strip() for x in  
line.split('/', 1)]
      49                 except:
      50                     raise 'LineError', 'Needs a slash between 
host and path'
      51                 pp = filter(None, path.split( '/'))

So the protocol is not used for rewriting base - URL's ...



Re: pound and Zope 2.7
Robert Segall <roseg(at)apsis.ch>
2003-10-04 14:11:32 [ FULL ]
On Friday 03 October 2003 19:31, Sascha Gresk wrote:[...]

I'm a bit confused here: are we talking about a protocol or a host issue? The 
two are quite different:

- the protocol problem (application wants https://abc.com, Zope replies with 
URLs http://abc.com/path) can be nicely
solved via your technique. 
Additionally we distribute a patch for z2.py to allow for a direct solution, 
for those of us who don't want to use a SiteRoot. The patch for 2.7 shall be 
made available once we have an official release.

- I am not aware of a problem involving the host (application wants 
http://abc.com/path, Pound calls Zope
back-end at xyz.com, Zope replies with 
URLhttp://xyz.com/path) - in all instances we
have seen Zope respects the 
Host header.

Hope this clears the issue a bit.[...]