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Error meanings and Http(s) file upload posts
"Nicholas, Michael" <miken(at)prairiesys.com>
2003-10-03 17:00:09 [ FULL ]
I have been using Pound v1.4 in a production environment for a while
It is only listening on port 443 as I am using it to terminate SSL
certificates, but does get about 20k requests a day and has been very
stable.  Some of the applications have areas where clients can upload
text files although some users have complained that their browser times
out (reports an error) and it takes several attempts to upload a file.
The files are usually under 3 MB.  I do not see anything associated in
the backend server's apache error log.  I have seen some errors in
Pound's log, but I am not sure if any of them may be associated with
this problem the user's are experiencing or if there are any settings I
can change to help.  

I have tried changing the "Client" directive very high (300) and very
low (2), but I haven't found that it fixed the problem with a http type
file upload.  

Some of the errors (listed below) include the IP and some don't.  Are
any of the errors listed below significant?  What do they each mean?  (I
apologize if these questions have been asked before, but I just recently
joined the mailing list.)

pound: error copy cont: Broken pipe

pound: error read from 12.10.xxx.xxx: Success

pound: error flush to 204.97.xxx.xxx: Connection reset by peer

pound: error copy cont: Connection reset by peer

Also, should I by default be defining the supported OpenSSL ciphers for
IE compatibility as suggested in the documentation? 

Thank you for your help,

Michael Nicholas
Prairie Systems, Inc.

Re: Error meanings and Http(s) file upload posts
Robert Segall <roseg(at)apsis.ch>
2003-10-03 18:38:02 [ FULL ]
On Friday 03 October 2003 17:00, Nicholas, Michael wrote:[...]

All of these messages indicate a client that closed its connection 
prematurely. When that happens Pound tries to write to a closed connection, 
thus the messages. I wouldn't worry about them.

Probably yes, unless you have reasons to mandate somethings else (like in 
high-security environments).