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HA with Zope
Christian Klinger <christian.klinger(at)econtec.de>
2003-10-22 12:12:23 [ FULL ]
Hello Pound Users!

(I am a Pound Newbie)

This is my pound.cfg

ExtendedHTTP 1
WebDAV 1
LogLevel 2
Alive 3

          UrlGroup ".*"

Is this a HA and LoadBalancing Solution? What happens if one BackEnd is down?
I see nothing in LogFiles that onw BackEnd is down!

Thx in advance


Re: HA with Zope
Robert Segall <roseg(at)apsis.ch>
2003-10-22 17:43:57 [ FULL ]
On Wednesday 22 October 2003 12:12, Christian Klinger wrote:[...]


Yes it is an HA solution - the requests are distributed between the two 
back-end servers. To convince yourself try putting some load on Pound and 
immediately disconnect one of the back-ends from the network (or stop the 
server) - the following requests will be sent to the remaining back-end 
without an error. Reconnect the cable and you'll start seeing requests coming 
to it.

BTW, your Alive is a bit short (it's OK, but it will eat quite a bit of 
bandwidth; try a value of 10 for something more reasonable). You could also 
try LogLevel 3 (or 4) for more information.

Hope this helps some.[...]