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ANNOUNCE: Pound - reverse proxy and load balancer - v2.1
Robert Segall <roseg(at)apsis.ch>
2006-08-05 11:48:01 [ FULL ]
This is to announce the release of Pound v2.1. This is primarily a
bug-fix and performance enhancements release.

Changes in this version (cumulative since 2.0):

  - support for pcre library (if available) for much better performance
  - support for hoard library (if available) for much better performance
  - rewrite Location and Content-location headers for all responses
  - improved detection of when is a rewrite necessary
  - renamed Change30x to RewriteLocation. Default: on

Bug fixes:
  - fixed small problem in the upd_session() code
  - declared init_RSAgen() as void everywhere
  - moved to SESS_xxx tokens to avoid Solaris name conflict
  - added #ifdef's for LOG_FTP and LOG_AUTHPRIV
  - fixed problem in URL checking
  - fixed problem in session tracking-code and session updating
  - fixed LogLevel 3 to show that the v_host is unknown
  - fixed headers checking in match_service
  - fixed problem in ClientCert directive handling
  - fixed potential memory leak in AUTH decoding
  - allow OPTIONS WebDAV request to have content
  - replaced inet_ntoa with inet_ntop where available
  - removed all static buffers

The software is at version 2.1 (production quality). Further testing 
(especially under heavy loads), improvements and suggestions are