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Option Request: Turn off error reporting except for critical messages
"Fat Bear Server Administration" <server(at)fatbear.com>
2006-08-05 17:26:32 [ FULL ]
Messages of the form:

    pound: error copy server cont: Connection reset by peer

usually means someone requested a page and then closed their browser midway
through the answer.  You mentioned this in the archives and also said that it
is unusual to see a lot of them.  I do see a lot of them... about every 5
minutes.  This is also the interval that MRTG (http://oss.oetiker.ch/mrtg/) is set to
run.  Makes me wonder that there is a connection here.  And, I see a connection
between messages such as:

   Aug  5 07:10:00 fat1 snmpd[1770]: Received SNMP packet(s) from UDP:

followed by a pound error about TimeOut seconds later.

Let's suppose for a moment that some internal process is causing pound to emit
these messages.

If for the most part the above error is, as you say, a normal user behavior
(closing a window), then I'd argue that it really isn't an error.  Rather, it's
just a warning that someone quite acceptably closed the connection.  Because it
is very important to limit the noise in log files so that real problems can be
seen, I'd like to be able to disable this and all such similar "errors" with an
option in the pound.cfg file.  Having a supported option to do this is better
than my individually hacking the source code because when the next update
comes, I'd have to reimplement the hack.  And, if in fact software like MRTG is
tickling something every 5 minutes that causes spurious messages to be emitted,
then the value of seeing this "error" drops to near zero (even negative because
it encourages one to ignore all messages from pound).

Would you consider adding an option that can be placed in the pound.cfg that
limits errors even more?  For example:

    LogLevel -1

might say "report only critical errors."  The only errors that should be
reported are those that require a system administrator to take action.  Errors
that require no action from an administrator should not be reported to the
message log.

Steve Amerige
Fat Bear Incorporated
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Re: [Pound Mailing List] Option Request: Turn off error reporting except for critical messages
Robert Segall <roseg(at)apsis.ch>
2006-08-07 18:27:59 [ FULL ]
On Sat, 2006-08-05 at 08:26 -0700, Fat Bear Server Administration wrote:[...]

I think I'd rather see that as a compile-time option.

As to "noise": separating the logs goes a long way towards solving that.[...]