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unknown directive
=?iso-2022-jp?B?GyRCNVdKXUVEGyhCIBskQjUuTGkbKEI=?= <kubota-takaya(at)aist.go.jp>
2006-08-11 04:49:51 [ FULL ]
Hi all,

I'm trying to work pound as proxy server. But I'm also facing "unknown
directive" problem.

It seems a regular expression problem in config.c.

I guess "lin" of the function parse_file() has each line of config file 
and then regular expressions like "^[ \t]*ListenHTTPS[ \t]*$" parse the line.
I think the regular expressions cannot take some parameters by last "$".
The line must end with only white characters without parameters.
Is it right ?

And just in version 2.1, it seems there is no regular expression part for
"UrlGroup" directive in config.c.

Thanks and Best regards.