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pound proxy maintaining https
"jon.johnston" <jon.johnston(at)gmail.com>
2006-08-11 19:11:30 [ FULL ]
Have a site at which I've configured pound as a reverse proxy for Lotus 
Domino Web Access (DWA). That seems to be working well.

To get to the site, users go to https://webmail.abc.com - works fine.

We are configuring Sametime (instant messaging) integration with DWA. 
When the user is in their webmail session, they can click on a chat 
button that loads a chat client.
Hovering over the chat button shows the URL as "st.abc.com" as the host 
name. However, when the user clicks on it, the browser attempts to 
connect to https://st.abc.com, not http://st.abc.com.

The connection fails because we're not using https on the st host.

The question is - it appears that the pound proxy is still redirecting 
to https? If the st host isn't part of the pound configuration - why is 
it redirecting to https????

Thanks for any insight.

Jon Johnston
Creative Business Solutions
IBM, Microsoft, Novell/Suse and Sophos Consulting

Re: [Pound Mailing List] pound proxy maintaining https
"Simon Matter" <simon.matter(at)ch.sauter-bc.com>
2006-08-11 20:12:56 [ FULL ]
> Have a site at which I've configured pound as a reverse proxy for

I don't think pound is involved here but https is choosen by the browser
itself. Maybe you could change the link "st.abc.com" to include the
protocol, like "http://st.abc.com/".