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Robert Segall <roseg(at)apsis.ch>
2006-08-17 14:49:59 [ FULL ]
Now that 2.1 has been out for almost 2 weeks and we have seen no
problems, it is time to start thinking about future enhancements. The
following are on our list:

- make WebDAV a run-time configuration directive rather than a
combination of compile and run-time (a bit like what we did with the
logging a while ago). This would also eliminate the xHTTP directive.

- allow Pound to reply to errors with user-defined HTML pages rather
than text messages.

- rewrite the Destination header to correctly support WebDAV COPY and
MOVE directives (necessary for Subversion).

- add a compile-time switch to allow disabling of non-essential error
messages (such as when a client closes the connection prematurely).

- add an emergency back-end directive (hot back-up): a back-end that is
used only when all other back-ends are dead and stops being used when
any of the others is reactivated.

Please post additional suggestions here and we'll try to add them to the