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Pound Performance
Jeffrey Brown <jbrown(at)camsys.com>
2006-08-18 13:51:22 [ FULL ]
I was hoping someone may be able to make some suggestions on how to improve the
performance of pound.
I am running pound on SuSE Linux Enterprise 9.0 on a Dell PowerEdge 2550 with
two 1.2ghz processors and 3gb memory.
The only site being proxied right now is Lotus Domino webmail for 250 total
users, with concurrency not exceeding 30 users at any given time.  
Memory and CPU utilization are never very high at all, but the webmail sit is
slower when accessed through pound than it is if you access the site directly.
I don't believe there are any configuration directives I should be using to
help performance except for maybe logging, which is set to the minimum.
Are there any server OS specific settings that might help?

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