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Pound 2.1, Logfile not showning IP of backend
Falk Brockerhoff <noc(at)smartterra.de>
2006-08-21 18:45:06 [ FULL ]

I just upgraded to pound 2.1 (from 2.0.x) and noticed a small bug. In my
logfile I can see the chosen backend (Loglevel 2) - until now. Now the
ip address of the choosen backend isn't any more written, instead there
I can see the string "Keep-Alive". For example: GET /gfx/menu.png HTTP/1.1 - HTTP/1.1 200 OK (Keep-Alive:80)

Is this a known issue?



RE: [Pound Mailing List] Pound 2.1, Logfile not showning IP of backend
2006-08-21 18:53:53 [ FULL ]
Hi Falk,

In my installation (SuSE 10) I sometimes see (Keep-Alive:80), sometimes
(:80). I believe someone on the list has also reported seeing something
like (http:80).



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