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No Subject
Brian Warshawsky <brian(at)techead.com>
2006-08-24 17:55:22 [ FULL ]
Hello all,

I have a pound setup that is serving a couple of HTTPS pages, and I'm
having an unusual problem.  I've got two SSL certificates set up as follows:

ListenHTTPS,443 /etc/pound/ssl/mydomain.net.cert
ListenHTTPS,443 /etc/pound/ssl/myotherdomain.com.cert

I just created the second file not twenty minutes ago from the RSA key
and the SSL certificate I got from godaddy.com, so I know both of them
are different.  Diffs on the files also show that. 

The problem that I'm having is that when I go to myotherdomain.com, I'm
getting a browser error telling me that there is a hostname mismatch on
the SSL certificate.  When I check the certificate, sure enough, I'm
being issued the certificate for mydomain.net.

I had this happen once before, and the problem resolved itself after a
couple of hours mysteriously.  Anyone have any ideas what causes this
and what I can do to correct it?

I'm on pound 1.8.

Thanks much!

Brian Warshawsky