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testlab for pound
"Hennie Dekker" <hf.dekker(at)chello.nl>
2006-08-29 22:36:18 [ FULL ]
I have running ubuntu server 5.10 and after suppricingly easy install from
the repositories packages: pound.version 1.9-1
It's running but never have or found any idea to test it on working.
the server has 2 nic's on board with both a local ip-address.
So I made a suggestion how a testlab should be installed. 
The Ubuntu server has two nic's
The server will have the task as reverse proxy gateway
In my opinion I have to connect one nic (#1) to to lan as the in-port of the
server and nic #2 as the out port to a hube.
Then connect 2 (win2000) servers with IIS and a standard website to the hub
as the 2 endpoints.
The websites are running with a host header value for  server_1 :
and for server_2: server2.induxion.local 
Both server are in the same domain: induxion.local 
And what to do now with the pound.cfg ??
maybe somebody will help me please (!)
Dirk Dekker
Induxion ICT Consultancy
Email: info(at)induxion.nl <blocked::mailto:info(at)induxion.nl> 
Web: www.induxion.nl <blocked::http://www.induxion.nl/> 
tel.: +31(0)20-6374179
Since its inception in 1999 Induxion's mission has been to develop ICT
solutions and services, as well as to be a provider of software for network
management services. Induxion's early vision
in software development is coupled with a no-nonsense and practical IT
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