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Need comments on renter or managed servers
"fruit f*cker 2000" <fruitf.cker(at)gmail.com>
2008-10-15 08:58:38 [ FULL ]

Our servers are currently co-located in the US (we're in Asia) and the
current setup which is 8 years old or so is showing signs of age (bad
ethernet ports, no redundancy, etc). I'm trying to come up with a new
design for the new system.

Switching to a different coloc is not an option at the moment (it
requires me the fly to the US may take time due to VISA, budget etc)
so I'm thinking getting a couple of rented MPS (managed private
server) will do the trick.

We're currently averaging 11-12Mbps and peak above 20Mbps during
weekdays. I would like to design the setup as follows:

P1 - P2 (2 pound servers)
w1,w2,w3,w4 (4 apache servers, or more)

We have a CDN so I'll configure the 2 pounds to direct static objects
there. Everything else redirects to the backend apache servers. I
wanted them to redirect because each rented MPS is only allowed 1TB
per machine per month (I've yet to get an answer what will happen if
we reach the limit, if it will temporarily be cut or we get billed for
the excess bandwidth).

The major issue first is security. Unlike our previous setup where
every machine is behind a PIX, the MPS will be scattered to the the
ISPs network. We're not hosting anything confidential so I'll just
lock down the machines the best I can (firewall, chroot, tripwire,
etc). The specs of each machine are as follows:

Xeon Dual Core 5000
1TB bandwidth
100Mbps port
FreeBSD 6.x

What would be the pros and cons of this setup? Or coloc is still our
best bet and we'll just hire someone to do the physical redesign for
us to add redundancy?