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Redirecting http to https from web application
"Jacob Anderson" <jwa(at)beyond-ordinary.com>
2015-08-13 20:34:44 [ FULL ]
Hey Pounders,


I have an ASP.NET application that redirects http connections to https using
the old Response.Redirect(https://blah/foo)


In Pound 2.5, this works fine and the client is properly redirected from
http to https.


I upgraded to Pound 2.7 (and 2.8), now when I try the same application I get
redirect loops. Seems that pound is rewriting the redirect URL back to http
when it originated as http.


Does this sound correct? Was there some protocol change in Pound 2.6 or
later that prevented http redirecting to https? Maybe there is an option to
allow the old 2.5 behavior?



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