Mike, both thank you :)  All I was really driving at was whether there's anything to be aware of when using your repo to get 2.7 on a Debian box vs. the default repos which come with 2.6 with no sign of an official 2.7 package on the way.

The functionality I want that is in 2.7 is 2048 bit DH, otherwise we're good with 2.7 afaik.

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Gee, your question leaves a lot of scope, and I am unsure how to best respond.

I'm writing a series of lectures about devops for Play Framework applications. So far the SSL-specific material consists of thousands of words, two working projects and an exercise. Pound is only one moving part. I expect to release the lectures in an as-yet-unannounced Intermediate Play Framework course later this year on the scalacourses.com web site.

One consideration to think about is how Pound interacts or shares responsibilities with firewall(s).
Another consideration might be how Pound coordinates with DNS for scheduled maintenance.

Have I been helpful or tangential?