Great thanks Robert for this version!

What about Joe's version in github branch 2.8a? Some features of this versión will be added? (For ex cookie insertion)We are currently working with that version and some added features like 100-continue support (I sent this feature to the list) or STS support ( sent to this mailing list by a member) we can  report more than 300 deploys without  issues..

BTW some interesting new feature for pound releases could be reload implementation in order to keep opened current connections.


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El 23 oct. 2016 6:50 p. m., "Király, István" <> escribió:
Great, thank you!

The only thing I think I miss, is websocket support in pound, but I'm not familiar enough with C to implement it. Maybe in 3.0? .)

Great proxy, I love it! ...

On Sun, Oct 23, 2016 at 5:07 PM, Robert Segall <> wrote:
This is to announce the release of Pound v2.8a. This is an experimental
version, primarily for security fixes. Changes since version 2.7:

    - removed DynScale flag and support

Bug fixes:
    - fixed potential request smuggling via fudged headers

Many thanks to all contributors.

The software is at version 2.8a (beta quality). Further testing
(especially under heavy loads), improvements and suggestions are

Unless somebody comes up with some urgent changes, this should be
considered a final 2.8 release candidate
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